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The Juwai Teer result is announced in two rounds, and players can win prizes by correctly guessing the number of arrows that hit the target. The first round result is announced at 3:45 PM, and the second round result is announced at 4:45 PM.  We provide the latest Juwai Teer result daily, along with previous results. Here is the Juwai Teer result for today:

Juwai Teer Result Today

Date: February 26, 2024

FR (10:30 AM) SR (11:30 AM)
28 46

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Juwai Teer Result List

The table below shows the Juwai Teer result list of past 5 days. It includes the date of the game, the number of arrows that hit the target in both rounds, and the corresponding results. These results are used by players to make predictions for future games and are also of great interest to enthusiasts who follow the game closely.

24 Feb 20242846
23 Feb 20243925
22 Feb 20241208
21 Feb 20249744
20 Feb 20240127

Juwai Teer Laser

You will be aware of the Juwai teer laser if you are a regular player. To get all the teer laser updates, you must visit our website regularly. We share the results as soon as the officials announce the target counter. If you cannot check the latest result for the day, you can refresh the website or click the juwai teer result button again.

Juwai Teer Counter Result

As it is a game of luck and dreams, the people of Meghalaya are emotionally connected to this game. Some people get a chance to fulfill their dreams because of the game. Most people in Juwai earn a livelihood due to this game.

The game is legal in Shillong as govt collects tex through it, and it is the only source of income for many local people.
The game’s results are announced by the officials who organize and manage the game all over the city.

Soon they declare the result we update on our website so you can check your number.

Juwai Teer Common Number

If you are concerned about Juwai teer common number, remember that there is no specified formula to find the common number; however, you can predict the two-digit number based on some calculations and previous results.

After calculating all the aspects, we update the common numbers every day. You can check the hit number from our website.


On this page, we share juwai teer results every day. Sunday is the only off day as juwai teer is one of the most famous games local. So to facilitate all the people, we share the latest teer games results. The result is updated on time, so you can bookmark this page so you may not face any delay in finding the accurate result. You can also check Shillong Night teer Result from our website.